Chest of drawers

Things to Know Before Buying Drawer Chests for Your Home

One impressive way to add exclusivity and striking finishing touch to your space is using a chest of drawers. Drawer chests are versatile storage solutions for organizing tableware in the dining, clothes in the bedroom, and adding more storage in the hallway. The drawer chests available for sale vary in style, size, and functionality. Finding a drawer chest ideal for your unique needs is not easy, but you’ll have fun moments choosing if you keep the below factors in mind.

Purpose and Application

Before starting the hunt for a drawer chest, evaluate your needs and preferences, and decide what role the drawer chest will serve. Horizontal drawer chests have double or triple rows and wider drawers, offering adequate tabletop space. Rectangular drawer chests come in contemporary designs coupled with uniquely shaped drawers and geometric forms, adding beauty and practicality.

Media drawer chests are wide and tall and have a comfortable tabletop for keeping TVs and electronics. Other popular chests include lingerie models, bachelors, and gentleman’s chest models. Most of these drawer chests are multipurpose and versatile.

Available Spacing

When selecting drawer chests, it’s crucial to decide how much spacing you’ve ready to take up the chest. For smaller rooms, you want a drawer chest that fits your room’s wall length. You might want to measure your room’s wall length to have a clue on the best drawer chest to buy. If you’ve got a bigger room spacing and want to divide your room’s interior space, get a drawer chest that can do that job perfectly well. You can find a variety of differently styled and finished drawer chests (; all it takes to find the right product is to do a thorough research and product comparison

Height of the Drawer Chest

When buying a drawer chest, you have to make sure its height is accessible and comfortable. If you opt for modular drawer chests that support multiple pieces stacked together, you have to be extra careful when deciding the perfect drawer height. Make sure you can comfortably reach the storage shelves of the chest without struggling when storing or removing stuff from the drawer chest.

The perfect drawer chest that meets your application requirements and room size should be durable, stylish, functional, and affordable. Get impressive deals while shopping for high-quality drawer chests that fit well in any modern spacing and blend perfectly with any room decor by checking TYLKO’s expansive selection of chests of drawers.

Chest of drawers

The Interior Design of Chest of Drawers

Chest of drawers has an ambiance of sophistication that expresses a lot about class, comfort and simplicity. It is one of the favorite interior design features of homeowners and bespoke interior designers. Their popularity has waxed and waned over the years. Today, they are as popular as they used to be. They add an element of visual appeal and functionality.

The concept of a chest of drawers dates back to the eighteenth century. This piece of furniture was first designed for a cabinet called a “colonnaise chest”. The word “colonnaise” comes from the French word “colonnaise” which means kitchen. In addition to the kitchen, it was also used in the pantry, game room, library and even in the drawing room.

Chest of drawers was a big improvement over the conventional dresser. Traditional dressers had big wooden doors, which were almost always open to accommodate the clothing hanging on them. With the chest of drawers, there was a space for hanging shirts, dresses, suits and coats. Children would often use their toys to hang their presents on the dresser which made it an eyesore.

The chest of drawers has come a long way since its inception. Today, they are still as popular as they were then. With more people living in small houses or apartments, interior designers are more using chests of drawers as bedroom furniture. A chest of drawers can contain both bedding and other items for the bedroom.

Some chests of drawers have beautiful handcrafted features like brass knobs and handles. These types of chests of drawers are usually made from solid wood. They look like they are from the past century and have lots of character. Another option today is to purchase furniture that is constructed with durable natural wood. Some manufacturers use these types of chests of drawers in their outdoor furniture line. You might choose this type if you want to purchase a piece that will last in your garden for many years to come.

Chest of drawers are just another piece of furniture that you can add to your interior design. You can use it to store anything you want. But if you choose to use it in the bedroom, you must make sure that the room is not too small for the chest of drawers. It should be at the right size so that the things that you put in it will not clutter the rest of the room. By adding some light fixtures, you can also enhance the beauty of the interior.

Chest of drawers

Choosing Between a Chest of Drawers For Your Bedroom Furniture

A chest of drawers, sometimes called (in UK and US English), a wardrobe or a bedroom dresser, is a kind of closet (a separate piece of furniture) with multiple, vertically positioned drawers usually stacked one above the other. These are placed in either a central or side-by-side position. In some cases there are no doors on the chest of drawers.

The chest of drawers came into common use during the latter half of the nineteenth century in America. During this period there was a popular trend to use the same type of dressers and bureau in different rooms of the house, so that each had a distinguished decorative function and felt to be part of the overall decoration of the bedroom. It became quite a fashion to have a secretary or wardrobe dresser in each bedroom. In some houses a separate dressing room and/or guest room had been designed separately from the bedroom, and these were decorated accordingly. As time went by, many people started having separate wardrobes in their bedrooms, as well.

There are many types of chests of drawers available on the market today. For starters, there are those made of wood, metal, glass, or combinations thereof. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on what you are looking for. While the materials themselves are fairly simple in their construction, the design of the entire piece is much more complex, and this leads to the kinds of features that need to be considered. Some of the more popular options include:

A top drawer that slides out easily is a great feature if you want more accessibility to the items that you place in the top drawer, such as an armoire. These kinds of chests of drawers also allow for a better and easier use of the bottom portion of the drawers. If the drawers are on rollers, there will be less friction, which makes them more efficient in use. A chest of drawers that does not have a top drawer is generally fitted with one, as it does not add additional space to the bottom of the unit.

Another option for a chest of drawers in the bedroom is the type that mounts directly to the wall. These pieces will provide for a much cleaner look than the stand-alone pieces and they do not take up much floor space. They are a little more difficult to assemble, but once it is done, it is usually pretty easy. The disadvantage to these pieces is that they may not have enough storage space to store all of your bedroom’s clothing, especially since most of the pieces are set on end.

Other types of dressers include ones that convert into storage cabinets. These pieces are a good choice for limited spaces, because they are more versatile than the stand-alone pieces, and the bottom of the drawer is already outfitted with a hook or shelf for hanging items. There is also an option to have a corner piece converted to a dressing room, so you could still keep the full dresser, but turn the corner piece into a storage cabinet.